Head – Media & Public Relations

Head - Media & Public Relations

The Head of Media & PR is responsible for leading outward Media & PR strategies and plans that promote key initiatives and promote the business/product’s image and reputation. * Setting objectives for the PR team and monitoring team members’ performance * Maximizing brand presence on various channels (e.g. web, TV and social media) * Cultivating and maintaining relationships with media and influential professionals The Head works especially close with external investors and partners, the finance department, HR departments, and other key business partners in developing and executing initiatives that address the business’s corporate issues. The Head of Media & PR also serves as one of the key media contacts and representatives for the business. Media Relations: The Head of Media & PR leads junior PR managers and acts as the business/product’s spokesperson and lead point person in conventional media interactions, such as newspaper interviews, ensuring a positive portrayal of the business at all times. The Head of PR exercises his judgment in prioritizing media opportunities, making necessary coordination with appropriate persons in organizing and preparing presentations, speeches, talking points, and other external media relations materials. Experience: A suitable candidate will have had over 15 - 20 years worth of experience working in a high ranking PR position, for example, as a Senior PR Manager. The ideal candidate will also have a proven and successful role in a staff management position, preferably the management of a PR team in at least 10 years of his total experience. Additionally, a Head of Media & PR needs to have had a successful track record in garnering positive media coverage for a business or product in a complex business setting/market. APPLY AT [email protected]

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