The Architectural Design Studio comprises the nest minds from diverse backgrounds, all with a shared passion, diligent work ethic and appetite for superior quality. The Studios deliver innovative spatial solutions backed by precision engineering and the ability to devise exquisite proportions. This is a hub where experimentation, creativity, and technical acumen merge to give life to our groundbreaking ideas. And with every project, we continue to raise the benchmark.


The Electromechanical Works Division at Sobha specializes in mechanical heating and ventilation, electrical and plumbing installations, re- lighting, and related ancillary building services and building management systems. It specializes in the complete coordinated services elements of every project, ensuring performance exceeds the expectations of our customers.


The Interiors Division at Sobha is the largest woodworking factory in India, producing the nest interiors. With over 325,000 sq. ft. of factory space, the best of modern technology and equipment, and an exceptional team crafting interiors from scratch, Sobha Interiors is the nest provider of high quality interiors in India.


The spaces in between and around our developments are important as they give urban dwellers the external spaces required for an outdoor life. Our world-class experts in horticulture, landscaping, and water conceptualize everything from soft landscaping, paved walkways, and efficient methods of water management. Our plants are grown in the UAE, in accordance with European nursery standards, for a minimum period of six months. Not only do we ensure our maintenance methods are cost-efficient, they are first and foremost ecologically effective.


Our Restoplus Bedding Division ensures you get a good night’s sleep in your new home. We manufacture mattresses of top quality and exceptional durability. Our aesthetic mattresses are spring-based, which involves high-quality steel, mesh, and foam for ultimate cushioning.


As a contractor Sobha is renowned and highly regarded for its superlative management of engineering, design, and manufacturing processes both for grand structures and interiors alike. Our world-class division offers aluminium doors to pre-engineered buildings, windows, structural glazing, aluminium composite panels, SS cladding, architectural glazing and metal works. Our notable projects include Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Emirates Aviation College and The Dubai Mall.

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